J'explore in France?

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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any programs in France that are like J'explore in Quebec. Basically, it's a program where Anglophone students go to a French speaking area to learn how to speak French and most expenses are paid for by the government (but if there's a similar program like this, without the government paying for it, that's fine too). I'd like to practice my French by staying in a more francophone environment because where I am right now, everyone mainly speaks English. And I also believe that the students stay in university residences while they are a part of the program.


Bonjour tout le monde!

Je me demandais si quelqu'un sait d'un programme en France comme "J'explore" au Québec. En gros, c'est un programme où les étudiants anglophones vont à la région francophone apprendre le français et la pluparts des frais sont payés par le gouvernement (mais s'il y a un programme similaire, sans l'aide du governement, ça marche aussi). J'aimerais practiquer mon français dans une région française, parce-que l'endroit où j'habite maintenant, tout le monde parle en anglais. Et aussi, je crois que les étudiants dans "J'explore" restent dans les résidence universitaire pendant le program.

Merci! (Et désolée si mon français est incompréhensible, lol).

parlez avec mois, svp)))

Bonjour chers amis! Je cherche quelqun qui parle francais bien. Un vrai francais ou francaise.Je prepare por l'examen et je voudrais ameliorer mon francais, peut etre vous pouvez m'aider en parlant par skype 2-3 temps. merci a l'avance!
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IELTS Equivalent

There is a certificate I believe, equivalent to the "English as a foreign language" tests for French.

I have heard of this certification but forgotten the name or acronym for it, if anyone can help me (or indeed if anyone has taken this test), I'd love to hear from you!

Merci d'avance!

Need an advice for learning French.

Hi all,

I’ve been studying French in alliance française for almost two years now.  I understand much, but can not speak. May be some basic phrases, and it would take forever to say a sentence with more than five words.


What I am looking for is full-time courses, (for two or three month). Whatever long it takes to be fluent.  

Can anyone advice something nice? There’s so much information online that I get confused. It would be great if you could also advice on an average price and housing. May be there is someone like me out there, who has been through this. )

Will answer any additional questions J and be very grateful for any information.


Many thanks in advance.



Prendre la première méthode intensive française Kitaygorodskaya, en français, je n'ai jamais parlé.Comme la vash espanole, pas plus. Mais le discours france ne peut s'empêcher d'inspirer.

Тата Тарасова©2011 "Nature morte avec une lettre frances",huile sur toile, 50 Х55

J'ai utilisé son image pour le texte de la célèbre poème
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Hello all! I thought you might enjoy some Parisian icons for your livejournals. Since I'll be leaving Paris at the end of August after living here for a year, I figured I'd do some Paris icons. Yes, there is one of the Eiffel Tower, but mostly I've tried to make icons that reflect a slightly more personal experience of Parisian life. But I hope other people enjoy them too.

There are also some slightly sexy icons which may be NSFW (nothing to do with Paris, except that everyone seems to think of Paris being a city for love and sex, right?).


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Rest are here.

Also if you want to chat to me about living in Paris feel free! As a Brit abroad it's been a fun experience.


Hello, my name is Carrie Varner.  I live in Marshall, Minnesota, United States and I've always wanted to learn about French culture and I've wanted to live in France ever since I was a pre-teen.      I took French for two years in high school, however, I wasn't able to stay with it due to the special education department I dealt with in the town Redwood Falls, about 35 miles east of here.   I was in my second year and I was struggling very hard to try and form sentences due to a speech impediment I endured as a child and conquered.   An anonymous person was going to let a speech pathologist who was fluent in French and English help me articulate sentences and thus let me continue learning French.   Special education refused to let me have this opportunity and when I went to speak with my French teacher about it, I was no longer allowed to get tutoring or help of any kind.  After months of frustration and depression, I cracked and basically gave up as no one would let get help to learn the language.  I've been kicking myself ever since.   I've been looking at finding a place to go where I'll be looked as a person; not a label, not a piece of data, and not a statistic as I am here in America.   In fact, my disability isn't even legally recognized in America.  I have a form of autism known as Non-Verbal Learning Disorder or NVLD.   I have well defined verbal, reading, and vocabulary skills in addition to an idetic memory(good for remembering birthdays and history, bad for remembering all the horrendous bullying you endured which lead to a secondary form of PTSD and several psychotic breakdowns you went through as a teen).   My non-verbal skills, however, are at best sucktacular or really crappy.  I have an extremely hard time understanding body language, guestures, tone of voice, facial expressions, etc.  It's lead to many social faux pas and as such I've become afraid of people to some extent, its one of the reasons I don't have my face as my default pic.   It also affects me physically to a certain extent.   I overcame a profound form of dysgraphia, or a learning disability in handwriting and overcame many obstacles to walk and run.    I do, however, have issues with fine motor skills.   I'm unable to tie my shoes or ride a bicycle and I have difficulty with buttoning shirts and brushing my hair(I don't normally tell people this due to the amount of critism and ridicule I receive).  Cognitively, I'm not "The Rainman" and I'm not mentally retarded.  I have a severe form of dyscalculia, or a learning disability in mathematics.  

I had to explain my disability so that you would understand me better.   The area where I live has this attitude for those with any type of disability.  When I was in school, the attitude was that of the 1920's, which means that anyone with a disability should be subjected to institutionalization, eugenics, and ultimately euthanized.   The place where I live now has the attitude of the 1950's, which means that while euthanization should no longer be practiced, institutionalization and eugenics are still very much needed.   Unfortunately, most of America is within the thinking of the 1950's.   This is by far the number one reason I wish to leave America.     I've looked for quite some time at other countries and the only one I've found that guiarantees that I wouldn't be shoved into a group home or institution, forced under guardianship, and forced to undergo eugenics is France.    I've even found a commune in southeastern France, hence the title of this entry.    It's a good sized commune and its near the Mediterreanean(if you've ever been to Minnesota, you'd understand why that would play a role into where I lived).   Where I live now, I'm considered an anomaly because I'm in an apartment of my own and I'm my own guardian.  I had to fight tooth and nail just to get that to happen.   Now I have to fight to prove that just because I'm disabled, that doesn't mean that I'm going to make monster babies or horribly inbred children, and that I have a right to be with someone romantically.  I'd like to be married and have children one day(unfortunately, age may soon become a factor as I'm almost 30).         

I'm hoping to get a passport by the end of the year and I'm hoping that sometime next year I might be able to visit France(I'm just not sure where the monetary funds might come from though). I'm hoping to find someone who'd help me learn the language as much until I'd move there and whatever I didn't learn I'd pick up along the way and hopefully be able to successfully assimilate into French society.
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Je cherche des amis français.

Salut mes amis! :) Je m'appelle Andrée, et j'habite à Melbourne, Australia. Je cherche des amis parce que je dois pratiquer de parler en français.

Un petit peu des informations sur moi.

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Merci beaucoup pour votre temps! :) Et j'attends bien pour votre réponse! :)


I apologise if this kind of post is not allowed here. I checked the community information and couldn't find anything forbidding it. :) Please delete if it violates any rules. Also, I apologise for my mistakes - I have only two years of proper French knowledge. ;)
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French Theatre Submission

Bonjour TLM,

Would any of you kindly souls know how the play submission process works for French theatres?

A play I wrote about French history has been translated into French by someone I met when it had a reading in Paris. Malheursement, my translator usually works only in publishing and the company that did the reading only ever does readings - they're not affiliated with a theatre in any way.

Usually I'd just Google the fark out of the local theatre scenes and submit to anyone who accepts submissions, but French theatre websites don't seem to contain submission info (even if it's a 'we don't accept submissions' this info is on most American and English sites). Without access to that info... I got nothing.

Does anyone here know of a discussion group, blog, or other online resource with this info? Or have first-hand experience? I read enough French that finding it in English isn't necessary, but right now I can't find it at all.

Merci d'avance !