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Live Journal France
Those of us in France right now: How are you dealing with the… 
21st-Nov-2007 12:14 am
Those of us in France right now: How are you dealing with the strikes?

I would be fine with just a transportation strike. That's easy to deal with. But the other thing that's crippling me personally is the student strikes. I'm a foreign student at University of Paris 8, Saint-Denis, and the students there have been on strike since Monday last week. While I understand the reason for these student strikes (and would possibly be in support of them if I was born French), I'm feeling a bit cheated because I haven't had any classes for a week and a half now and it's in those classes that I was learning the most French. Most likely I'll return home at the end of this semester without any credits as well. So frustrating

So let's share some stories, opinions, and straight out rants if you feel like it. I'd be interested to hear other people's stories.
21st-Nov-2007 08:54 am (UTC)
I understand how it could be frustated for you.
I think I had a lot of luck when I was in university because during 7 years I had no strikes so I can study peacefully.
But I am angry against the students because in university, people ask for the return of classes and some of them decided to ignore the majority and they blocked university!

For me now it's the transportation's strike which disturbe me... I have to travel east to west of Paris... It takes me 6 hours per day! It's awful...

Good luck at university :)
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