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Live Journal France
Help with a letter 
8th-Nov-2007 07:59 pm

Bonjour, mes amis!

My husband and I are making our first trip to France after Christmas. We are staying in a timeshare trade condo an hour and a half from Paris. I took a lot of French many years ago and have been trying to refresh it, and I have written a letter to the condo asking a number of questions. 

Is there someone on this list who would be willing to read the letter over and critique it? I realize they will accept less-than-perfect French as long as I'm doing my best, and who knows maybe they are even English-speaking, but I'd like to do this right.

It's a page-long letter. If someone would like to read and critique it, let me know, I guess I'll need your email address, and I'll send it to you.


Ellie (Runningamok)

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